Our engineering expertise and the many advances we have made in design and manufacturing are certainly not limited to the automotive sector. We are also involved in the creation of parts, systems and assemblies in various other key sectors, including aerospace, agricultural, leisure, medical and marine, to name just a few.

Projects in these sectors have included injection-moulded plastic seats and steel frameworks for many high-profile sports stadia around the world, such as Silverstone, The Queen’s Club, Manchester United and Fulham FC.

Working closely with Motion Simulation Ltd, we manufacture the metal framework for the world’s most advanced motion simulators. This high-tech frame houses the very first 200 degree, spherical projector screen and a cockpit with variable driving positions.

Through our associate company, Ansini, we also produce and assemble many products used in aircraft cabins, primarily for companies involved in refurbishment – from seat trims and internal cabin mouldings to head, arm and foot rest assemblies.

Among the diverse range of other non-automotive products we have developed you’ll find disability and walking aids, table assemblies, chair frames and architectural steel work.