• The Travall Guard is made from laser-cut, precision-welded mild steel that’s finished with a unique, organic-based nylon-powder coating that makes it ultra-tough and extremely scratch resistant. All our guards come with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Our Dog Guards are manufactured to each vehicle’s dimensions to ensure that it offers protection and safety that is maximised to each vehicle.

Dog Guards and Load Space Dividers

Design innovation and engineering excellence have established our position as the world’s leading manufacturer of vehicle-specific dog guards and load space dividers.

Every guard and divider we produce is tailored to a specific vehicle application, with a current listings including products for over 500 makes and models. A number which, as new cars come on to the market, is increasing all the time.

Our upper and full-height guards and dividers are made from laser-cut, precision-welded mild steel, finished with our signature nylon-powder coating. Their unique design means they take minutes to install, require no interior modifications and, in the majority of applications, can be used with the parcel shelf in place. Both guard and divider are supplied as complete kits, including all necessary fixings and pictorial assembly instructions.

While being an essential product for pet owners, our dog guards can also help maximise load space and, more importantly, protect occupants from the dangers of travelling with unsecured cargo – with any impacted load being transferred to a vehicle’s C pillar, rather than the rear seats.


Travall was created in 2007 to market and distribute our range of vehicle-specific dog guards and load space dividers, along with a number of other ASG automotive products. With a head office and global distribution centre in Derby in the UK, and a second warehouse in Kranenburg, Germany, they now supply a worldwide base of both retail and trade clients via a sophisticated logistics network, supported by dedicated ecommerce sites and a multilingual customer service team.